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Services available at Drive Sealcoating & Paving includes Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating – Residential & Commercial and more…  Servicing NJ & PA

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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving Residential & Commercial – Sealcoating – NJ & PA


Preserve your Residential & Commercial pavement with sealcoating.

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Asphalt Paving

Residential & Commercial

Asphalt Paving Residential & Commercial – Sealcoating – NJ & PA

Asphalt Paving Residential and Commerciel

Tired of raking stones out of your yard every Spring? Need a place for the kids to play basketball? Extra parking spaces for newly licensed drivers?..or just need a new driveway? Although the reasons may be countless, asphalt paving is multi functional and cheaper than concrete or brick pavers. We offer many different options. Customized for each clients wants and needs.

Each and every driveway is different. Some driveways are cut and dry, needing little preparation. While others may need grass and vegetation removal. Extra stone hauled in and applied. Excavation or drains installed, to name a few.

Whatever the obstacles or needs..we offer you solutions and options.


The main thing with new driveway installation is making sure you have an adequate stone base underneath your blacktop. While typically rare, if needed, any stone that would be needed is already included into the estimate. 3 inches of asphalt compacted to 2 1/2 is standard for a new installation. If customers would request more than what’s standardly called for..we can make that happen too.


Removing existing asphalt and starting fresh with a new layer of asphalt. Although more costly because of the time and expenses to haul away old blacktop, is the only way to correct water drainage issues or major problems. It’s also recommended, if the area to be paved already has couple layers of asphalt underneath.


Keeping your existing asphalt as a base for your new pavement is not only more budget friendly but also suggested in some cases. 2 inches compacted to 1/2 after roll


Recommended for high and heavy trafficked areas. Mostly used as an added layer of support underneath your pavement because it’s made up of bigger stones. Base blacktop is a great way to add strength to your driveway.

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All of our products and materials are made by SealMaster
  • Pavement Preservation
  • Extends Life of Pavement
  • Crack Fill
  • Color Coating
  • Road Sealants
  • Parking Lot Sealants
  • Spray Coating
  • Brush Coating
  • Crack Sealants
  • Saw Cut Repairs
  • Hot Asphalt Repairs